Hanging Chairs: Make a Statement

Hanging chairs are trending in the design world once again! These retro-chic chairs will bring out your inner child and have everyone fighting for the best seat in the house. The original hanging chair, or “bubble chair”, was designed by Finnish Interior Designer, Eero Aarnio, in 1968. Constructed of acrylic and stainless steel with a leather cushion inside, the bubble chair gave the appearance of floating freely and simply, while creating “a little cocoon that shields off the outside world.” (aarniooriginals.com) Over the years, the bubble chair has evolved into variations of the original design, with an array of different materials, textures, colors and shapes.

“I had the idea of a transparent ball, where light comes from all directions. Acrylic can be heated and blown into shape like a soap bubble, and I knew that domeshaped skylights were made that way...” -Eero Aarnio


Fun and whimsical, hanging chairs give a light and airy feeling to the room, yet can be a practical solution since they don’t have legs. They carry a sense of peace and comfort while making a creative statement. Create a haven of relaxation while adding a unique twist to your home’s design. Hanging benches are the perfect place to drift into a peaceful nap or to share a quiet moment with a loved one. Recently, Architectural Digest featured Kylie Jenner’s living room, designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, which showcases a luxurious floating bench.

Designed by  Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Don’t be afraid to hang your chair from the ceiling with the help of a professional. They will ensure that your chair is hung on a load bearing joist, that the proper hardware is installed to safely bear weight (600lbs is usually a good start), and that you have enough space around the chair to swing back and forth safely. If you’re limited on modifications to your home, a more versatile option for an eye-catching hanging chair is one that is suspended from a free-standing mount. These indoor/outdoor chairs make great options for the perfect place to curl up!

The intricate detailing of these hanging chairs adds an element of luxury to a space while still creating an inviting atmosphere of comfort. Cozy up in a simple hanging chair with colorful pillows and soft throw for an appealing seating option.

With endless options for style and comfort, a hanging chair may just be the thing that your space is missing. Bring creativity and fun into your home and don’t forget to invite your friends to come “hang out”!


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