Colorful Creatives: The Morning List

Happy Friday! Have you gotten use to the time change yet? It has been an incredibly long week, and I still have’’t adjusted to the 4:30pm sunset. It doesn't help that we skipped right over fall and jumped into winter. It’s snowing today! If the dark, cold, winter months are affecting your productivity, this ones for you. My new friend Teresa, founder of The Morning List has just what you need to jump start your day!

The Morning List is a lifestyle brand and website. Bringing you inspiring stories, noteworthy news, style tips, advice and so much more. The Morning List hopes is to inspire, encourage and spark your creativity for the day ahead. Check out Teresa’s interview below and be sure to get on the list!

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Teresa Mainock | The Morning List

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1. How did you get started with The Morning List?

Well throughout every season of my life (as far back as middle school) I have continuously blogged, but never actually had the courage to really share it with anybody until I was blessed with the opportunity to launch The Morning List. The idea originally came from 3 girls from 3 generations (myself and 2 other gals I previously worked with). We instantly connected despite our age differences and found ourselves searching for something more in each of our own lives. We realized that although we were all going through different things in life, at the end of the day we are all women who share the same interests and decided to put our unique passions into one place, and thus TML was created. Since then I am now the only founder carrying out TML, but it continues to be a creative platform and lifestyle brand that women of all generations are able to connect with.

2. Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Actually, yes! I have always wanted to me my own boss (lol).   

3. Do you work a day job or are you full time on your business?

I currently work as a nanny for my 3 nephews so TML is not my full time career. However, I am very blessed to have the flexibility in my work schedule to be able to dedicate a lot of my time to it! 

4. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome with owning your own business?

Overcoming fear and taking risks! I’m a very shy and safe person so stepping out of my comfort zone is extremely difficult for me! 

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5. What is your favorite & least favorite “hat” to wear as a business owner?

Ahh, favorite ‘hat’ would definitely be just getting the opportunity to use my creative side through the photography, creating a brand aesthetic and content—it’s so fun! Least favorite, anything that asks me to step outside my comfort zone! I enjoy being a behind the scenes kind of business owner.

6. How do you stay motivated?

Through prayer, reading and connecting with other entrepreneurs.  

7.    What are you working on right now?

Right now I am currently in the process of re launching The Morning List with a new look and a couple other exciting things are coming up early 2019! 

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8. Where do you look for inspiration?

Instagram and magazines for sure!

9. Where is your favorite place to work?

My desk. 

10. How do you start your Monday?

Early! And always with coffee and quiet time. And if you’re not subscribed to the TML newsletter, The List (which you should be ;) ) we send out an email every Monday morning to help you get your week started off on the right foot!  

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11. What are some colors you are connecting with right now?

Red and white are my go-to colors.

12. What are some of your favorite textures/ materials?

Depends. I love linen and cotton for clothing and leather for furniture. 

13. What is something you could not live without?

Besides my dog…coffee and tv.


14. Where is your favorite place to travel and with who?

California! I try to get there at least twice a year!

15. What’s your favorite thing to do where you live?

I am a suburban girl through and through, so I love discovering little hidden gems that bring that city feel to the suburbs.

16. Any inspirational books you recommend?

 I love to read and I love Elizabeth Gilbert! Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic are two favorites I can read over and over. As well as 100 Days to Brave which is one of my favorite morning devotionals by Annie F. Downs.